Organic Manure

Amrut Mitti – The Best Way To Enrich The Soil – Preparation and Uses

What is soil ? What is ecosystem ? What is photosynthesis ? What is micro nutrients and macro nutrients in soil ? I am sure many can answer these questions very easily but what if some forgotten all these? Since many are not using these terms on a regular basis, it is very much common for people to forget these. […]

Panchagavya – A Divine Product – Preparation, Uses and Benefits

A great informative video series by Thiru.T.Navaneethakrishnan. (0091-90808 47600, 0091-99444 22664, N.Vidyaprabhu – 0091-94878 50277) He is a biodynamic farmer from Tamil nadu hails from Mettupalayam, Coimbatore district. Many of us now know that Panchagavya plays a important role in growing plants, but Thiru.T.Navaneethakrishnan gives more insights about Panchagavya and he gives reference from various vedic records and how we […]

Cocomilk or Themor Karaisal – An effective Bio-fertilizer

In this article we will learn how to make Cocomilk or Themor aka theymoore Karaisal. Mix 5 litres of coconut Milk with 5 Litres of Sour butter milk and store in plastic container. Keep this in compost area (kuppa kuzhi) neck deep to maintain heat. Close the top with cloth and cover it with thorn leaves. […]

Organic insecticide – Vasumbu (Sweet flag) and Turmeric

In this article we will discuss about an organic insecticide which is used to get rid of all kind of white insects which causes damages to plant. Ingredients: Vasumbu (Sweet flag) Turmeric (Virali Manjal) Water Boil 100 grams of Vasumbu and 50 gram of powered Turmeric with one liter of water. Boil them for an hour and […]

Pazha Karaisal (பழக்கரைசல்) – Organic Manure

In this post we will see how to prepare Pazha Karaisal (பழக்கரைசல்). This is a simple way to create your own rich organic fertilizer recipe Required Ingredients S.No. Ingredient Name Qty in Litres/Kgs 1 Ripened Fruits 10 Kgs 2 Cow’s Urine 3 Litres 3 Water 10 Litres Note: Different Fruits like Papaya, Banana, Mango, Sapota, Guava etc can be […]

How to Prepare Agniastra – Organic Pest-Control Techniques

The following ingredients will get you 2 liters of Agniastra  solution. Ingredients Agniastra : Tobacco – 50 gm Green chillies – 50 gm Garlic – 50 gm Neem leaf – 500 gm Cow urine – 1500 ml   Grind all the ingredients into fine paste and mix with cow urine. Boil this for four times. Leave […]

Organic Manure – Amirtha Karaisal

Early in India, our Farmers used only organic manure for growing health and safety food. Amirtha karaisal is one such manure which is always refereed to as organic starting solution. Lets look on how to prepare the Amirtha karaisal Ingredients: Cow dung Cow urine Country Sugar (jaggery) Water Procedure: Take 1 KG of cow dung and 1 […]