Platform to help Indian Agriculture by volunteering for free labor and other contribution.

Our Facebook Group:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/theweekendagriculturist/

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51 comments on “About

  1. Kudos to your good work !! While I was only dreaming of bringing change to Indian agriculture… you guys are alreading doing it !! Could you please connect with me; I would like to join your team as well…!! Thanks !

  2. hats off to u guys . the next revolution by youngsters to bring back the lost glory of this nation. let ur journey continue even after the milestones are achieved. let my hands join u in this non- stop journey.

  3. iam a journalist; pl call back 9884354448

  4. I want to join . Please contact me on vineet@vineetmail.com

  5. how do we contact u

  6. Sir,

    To my surprise, wonderful initiative from the youngsters. Thanks to The Hindu which shed light that helped me to come across you people. I am thinking about tying a knot or bridge between the agriculture and the IT culture and called it as agrITculture. So, people can work during weekdays and make use of the weekends on agriculture with the concept collective farming.

  7. sir / Madam i need to contact no

  8. Hello, I am Manik from Pune. May I know how can we have the opportunity to work for farmers who are in need.

    • Hello Manik,

      You can follow our Facebook Groups or Google groups to get an update about events. Happy Farming 🙂

  9. Wow!! Amazing initiative, kudos guys!!! I would like join you guys, we have a farm land in Sathyamangam. we are also facing the labor problem let me know if you want to visit our farm.

    • Hello Srini,

      Thanks for your wishes. Let us know what kind of help you need from us, so that we can plan a visit.

  10. Hello myself sandeep from pune maharathra
    want to join plz help me
    plz mail me at


    • Hello Rajasekar,

      There are many online stores where you can buy seeds. Or you can contact your local Nursery Garden for seeds and other products. Happy Gardening 🙂

  12. Hi , I am new to this portal, can anybody let me know if there are programs conducted near to Bangalore if yes then please me know the details. I would like to volunteer please.

    Best Regards

  13. Hi, do you a Delhi Chapter

    • Hello Joymukherjee,

      Right now we operate only in Tamil Nadu, and let me know if you can start something like this in Delhi

  14. Hello Team,
    This is really great. Weekend Agriculture is a very strong concept to help this nation to get its important spine (Agriculture) back to its position. I would like to be part of this initiative. Please let me know how can I contribute to this.

  15. Hello, we have a farm in Goa, and if you would like to help, we are happy to accept it- mostly it would be removal of foliage and manuring sort of work, if not watering. It is not flat land but slopes, on which mostly condiments are growing, as of course coconut, pepper, cashew etc.

  16. Dear Sir,

    I am K.Sekar. where i will get this Terrace Garden materials near Nagercoil or Thiruneveli dist area (phone number,address).Please advice to me.

  17. Hi, My name is Umesh and we have around 7 acres of land in Naicknoor village, Vaniyambadi taluk. As of now it is barren, if any one is interested on weekend farm, it will be of really great help to me.


  19. I planned to arrange a terrace garden in our home (tirunelveli). but when my dad reached the govt agri office we noticed that the seeds are hybrid. Why we dont have our country seeds that too from govt? From where we can get it?

  20. Dear All , For Some Reasons I could not attend the Session Organised by Subaash Palaekar Ji in Coimbatore Dist in Ddecember 2015 . In the blogs you have mentioned about “Beejamrutha ” and other Seed methods for natural farming . any training provided for people to take up farming and related activities ? If so I am interested to learn farming and serve the Farmers .

  21. Hello Team, I am really very happy to see this news in newspaper and found out your website. This is great service to the human society and bringing back our traditional food and healthly life. My best wishes to all. I am working in Dubai and not belong to agriculture family but i like to do more for our traditional agriculture. Please let me know how can i contribute my effort with your good journey.

  22. Dear Sir/ madam

    Have a good day

    I am Shiva from Coimbatore, can we get Do it your self kit in Coimbatore?

    I am planning to do vegetable gardening in roof top, kindly guide me.

    Thanks and regards

  23. hi,
    I am kuzhanthaiselvam, I am watching your profile, very intresed so i am also join to our team help an serve for the farmers.
    My mobile number: 9003677781 join to our group.

  24. I got to know about this from my office mates and attended one week. Its really a great initiative. Please update me with events on every weekend.

  25. Hello

    We are owning a farm near maduranthagam and wanted to know what kind of assistance which I can get from this group.

  26. how to get the kit

  27. Hi sir,
    Can yo pls temme whether this kit is available for madurai…

  28. Hi I am based in Chennai. I would like to know if there is any organic farm near Chennai where I can go and volunteer weekends. I stay near Tambaram.

  29. Tremendous… I would like to join.. Please can I join with you guys?

  30. great job I have 3.5 acres of a land looking for partnering with like minded guys in developing the farm land

  31. Just now i come to know from Vikatan Group. Thanks a lot for your work. I want to join in this Group.

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