How to make a seed ball or seed bomb – TWA Learning event July 17

Last week our TWA team visited “Agathi” farm where our volunteers learned and practised the process involved in preparing seed balls and also vouched to Stand with Piyush Manush for the immeasurable selfless work he has done for our society. ‪#‎standwithpiyush‬ Down with State Violence, Free Piyush Manush !!

How to make seed ball or seed bomb


• Seed of your choice, or a mix
• Dried organic compost of any kind
• Finely ground dry red clay: You can use potting clay or dig clay out of the ground as long as you dig deep enough so there are no weed seeds in it. The subsoil in most of the country is clay, so it’s easy to find, especially at building sites or where roads are being built. If you use potting clay, be sure to use only red clay—other kinds might inhibit seed growth. Spread it out to dry, then grind it up between two bricks to make a powder.

1. Mix one part seeds into three parts compost.

2. Add five parts dry clay to the compost/seed mix and combine thoroughly.

3. Add a little water a bit at a time until the mix becomes doughlike. You don’t want it to be soggy.

4. Roll tightly packed little balls about the size of marbles, and set them aside to dry in a shady place for a few days.

5. To make the strongest impact, distribute these balls at the rate of about 10 balls per square yard of ground.


Thanks Volunteers 🙂

How to make seed ball



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  1. I would like join in your organization.

    Thanks & regards,
    P. Manikandan,
    Ph.no: 9840890168

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