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Nilavembu – A Herbal Remedy For Many Health Issues

Hello all, today madam Shalini Rajendran likes to share some beneficial properties of NILAVEMBU.

In our busy life we just go to hospitals & take medicines prescribed by doctor.  No one even knows what does the medicine consist of and no one even questions doctor about the side effects of the steroids.

Excess intake of medicine for 1 disease has resulted in another one (kidney failure, ulcer etc.)

So here I am going to discuss about the medicinal values of plant which God given to us


Tamil Name: SIRIYANANGAI or nilavembu

Hindi Name:  kirayat

Bengal Name: kalmegh

Botanical Name: Andrographis Paniculata (King of bitters)

It is called as Nilavembu because it grows to level of soil. Nila means soil and vembu means neem, the name literally means a herb that grows close to the soil that is as bitter as neem

How to identify: Grows in abundance, has spear shaped sharp tip leaves, flower are small with white & violet mixed together followed by seeds, leaves tastes bitter.


Nilavembu Benefits:

  1. Nilavembu mixed with other herbs like malai vembu, pana vellam, kazharchi kai, elakkai podi make a choornam and taking them from the day 1 of your periods still 3 days, will help in straightening the uterus and helpful for people struggling to conceive. It’s a very good medicine for strengthening uterus.
  2. Nila vembu has got anti-inflammatory properties making it ideal for treating arthritis and gout. It prevents cancer cells from forming & it is a powerful cancer preventive medicine. Pregnant ladies should avoid this herb, because it lowers blood sugar level.
  3. Cancers cells r prevented & destroyed.13512083_515637381916544_6927622668213932065_n
  4. Liver tonic (liver enlargement) for people who consume alcohol, pesticides sprayed over food, too much intake of medicines.
  5. Removes toxins from body
  6. Aids digestion, loss of appetite, muscular pain
  7. Respiratory tract infection
  8. Treating Insect bite.


Pregnant ladies should avoid this herb because it lowers blood sugar level. 

How to use Nilavembu for fever

Take a pinch of Turmeric, pepper (5),nilavembu leaves(5-10), in  1 glass of water. Boil the solution till water becomes half the size. Consume this solution for 3 days.

For dengue:

Along with the same above method, add fresh papaya leaves to the mixture & heat along with it.

How to use nilavembu for Insect bite.

Take 5 to 10 leaves of nilavembu chew with honey, this will purify your blood, then apply “nala ennai” (gingelly oil).




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