Siruvapuri Farm Visit – Green Gram Harvest – 09-04-2016

Last week (09-04-2016) a TWA volunteer went to help a farmer in harvesting organic green gram (பச்சை பயிறு).

Due to very short notice we are unable to plan and provide prior notice to our volunteers. But Revathi Palanisamy, our volunteer went to help the farmer. On behalf of entire TWA team we thank you for your dedication and effort you put in to help the farmer. This what she has to say about her visit.

“I was the only volunteer went for harvesting, and i done work with so patience with pleasure, we started work by 10 am and it went upto 12 pm. even though i worked in ucchi veyal i didn’t find that much hot sun like in city, i enjoyed climate and work, and the farmer was happy about my work, and he said need volunteers for next week for to take unwanted plants from paddy.”

Before Harvesting:

Before Harvesting

Successfully Harvested 🙂


Have shared the farmer contact below, in case people in and around Siruvapuri who wish to help, can contact the farmer. Aravazhi : 9677068876


2 comments on “Siruvapuri Farm Visit – Green Gram Harvest – 09-04-2016

  1. Kudos to your effort Revathy 🙂

  2. அருமை ரேவதி

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