Benefits of Banana Peels As Fertilizer For Plants – BANANA PEELS AS FERTILIZER

The original post of this was found at plantspassionandpeople.com by Kavili Sridhar and I am sharing this here as it was really informative.

Today let us learn about tea preparation for our plants. It is something like best out of waste.

In previous days we had a small function at our residence , bananas were also served, as a part of meal. All the relatives threw the banana peels in an organised way into the dustbin. The bin was completely filled, since the gathering was big. Looking at such a big pile of banana peels, I felt not to throw them outside instead I can use it for some purpose(ever since I’ve started terrace gardening , I’m finding every waste as best material) I,e for plants. I read some articles and gathered information on how this waste can be proved as best source of nutrition to my plants. I was amazed to learn the fact, that these peels are a very good source of nutrition to our plants.

let us know some interesting facts about this, just for knowledge……..

Banana peels, especially dried one has around 40-43% of potassium.
It is also rich in calcium, manganese,sodium, magnesium, and sulfur., which are needed by every plant.
Hope the post would serve some cause….

Banana peels as fertilizer
Banana Peels ready to use As Ferilizer

Then I learnt about different ways of using banana peels as best organic fertilizer to my plants. Below are some ways to use banana peels for the plants.

We can prepare tea out of  banana peels. All we need is some banana peels, a big glass jar and water.

Banana Peel Tea
Banana Peel Tea

Put all the banana peels in a jar and fill it with water. Leave it for two days. Then drain all the water in to another container. This water is nothing but Banana Peel Tea. Spray it to your plants.

Now, what to do with the peels? 

After draining the water,  take out the peels, cut them into small pieces and put them in the soil near plants. This would help in decomposition of peels into the soil.

Chop the peels
Cut The Peels
chopped banana peels
Choped peels Added to plant
Apart from tea is there any other way to use these  peels?
Dried Banana Peels
Dried Banana Peels

Yes, definitely …… We can use these peels in some other way . we can powder them and store in a bottle. All we need to do is….
Drying up the peels and then grinding them thoroughly in a grinder. You can sprinkle the powder to your plants.

Powdered Banana Peels
Powdered Banana Peels

Apart from tea and powder we can make use of the banana peels in some other ways also.

If you are  making compost on your own, instead of purchasing , then the whole banana peels would be an added benefit to your compost. These peels are favourite to earthworms, resulting in rich output.

banana peels to compost

This compost can be added to plants, or you can also put the compost at the borders of the bed , when your plants start flowering…..

You can also use the whole peel as it is ……
When you sow a seed, just dig the trench little deeper than usual, then place the whole peel, and add the seeds on the top. When this

banana peels to soil

is done , now you can fill the trench . this would help the plant right from its root growth. As the peels decompose , it create a very  rich fertilizer to the plant.

Is there any other way to use banana peels?


We can also use banana peel as spray. Wondering how such fibrous thing can be used as spray!?

Here is the procedure …..Banana Peels,Egg shells, Epsom Salt

All you need is the following material

  • 5 banana peels
  • Banana Peels
  • Egg shells
  • 1 table spoon Epsom Salt
  • Water
  • 1litre Spray bottle


Place the banana peels in a sunny area outside, on a parchment paper, or in any other container, so that you can remove the dried pieces easily.
Peels must be dried until they turn black, I,e they are completely  dried.
After the peels are completely dried, place these peels and eggshells in the blender and make them into fine powder.
Now add epsom salt and this powder to the spray bottle, and fill it with water.

Thoroughly shake the bottle, so that the material inside dissolves in to the water.
Now the spray is ready to apply to your plants.

*Some safety measures*…Do not spray the mixture directly on plants, that  are in complete sunlight , instead spray into the soil around the plant .

Since it is a fertilizer, avoid excessive use, otherwise the plant may burn.

Apply in small quantities to know , how much is needed by each plant.

If you are fortunate and bestowed with a large garden, then mixup the solution in big tumblers and pour around your plants.

Fermented banana peels
For better blooms and strong plants, we can use fermented banana peels to our plants.

The procedure is almost same as banana peels tea, but  we have to let the mixture ferment for a week. We can name it as fermented banana peels. Let us know the procedure.

Banana Peels Fermenting procedure
Fermented Banana Peels.

Put the banana peels in a jar and fill it with enough water. The peels must settle at the bottom, for which ,you may need to  put some weight on the peels.

Cover the jar with a cloth, and tie it loosely. (As shown in the picture)
Now, allow the mixture ferment at least for a week. This week’s time help the bacteria absorb nutrients from banana peels ,and let it go into the mixture.

It’s all fine and the mixture will get fermented nicely.  In course of this one week We need to make certain observations…..

If we find any mist inside the bottle, that’s OK, but if we find any black mold , we need to throw away the mixture ,and start the procedure again.

After the prescribed time, I,e one week, make a nice puree of the peels in a blender, and apply to your plants.

Till now we learnt how to nourish our plants with the help of banana peels. Seeing the plants bloom and nice produce is really wonderful, but  our plants face some inconvenience due to many unwanted insects. These insects harm the plants in the growth. So we need some solution for this. The beauty here is, the nourishing banana peels also act as insect trap.


Yes……insect trap.

How to do ?

As you know it is purely non-toxic solution,  there is nothing to worry about it.  All you need to do is…….

apple cider vinegar
Apple Cider Vinegar

Add all the pieces of banana peels with the vinegar in a small container, make holes to the container, so that insects pass through it. During this , the scent released from the solution keeps the insects away from the plants. The insects doesn’t like the smell and keeps away.

It is not a total solution for the problem, but helps to some extent. At least our plants do not get accompanied with harmful chemical insect traps.


Another major problem 
faced by the plants is, in the form of
APHIDS. To get rid of these aphids, we can  place chopped banana peels just under the  layer of soil. Aphids hate the smell of peels.

Happy gardening……

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