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Thiruninravur Farm Visit – 9 and 10th Jan

We had gone for The Weekend Agriculturist 2 day visit(9 and 10th Jan) to Thiruninravur farms and it was one of the humbling experiences of my life.

Morning 1:-
– The first thing was Vannakkam from the students at Udhavum Nanbargal home. Do not know how to describe it. It was serene.
– After working for some hours in the field we had tea and snacks at a small shop. Though we did not work on their farm, the shop owner just refused to take any money from us. We all tried our best to convince him, and we lost against him(solo).Learnt how money is not the index of rich.

Afternoon 1:-
– Yum lunch at Udhavum Nanbargal base. Brinji saadam, katthirikai dalcha, Thayir Saadam, Mango pickles, Payasam and Bananas. Everyone said it was the best lunch they had. Not sure what they had added to make it so tasty. Oodles of Love maybe.
– We worked at the farm again, removing the weeds. Also with the knowledge from Jagan, Tamil and Sarath, we created a bed which would be used by the farmer to grow crops in organic way so that he himself can see the produce and convert to organic ways totally.
– While we were doing this an expert team from Orchid chemicals were drawing inspirational wall paintings on the classroom walls and another group was giving motivational training to students at home.

Evening 1:-
– We thanked the cook amma for giving new taste to our fingers, who politely said it was all because of the students who helped her. In the evening we enjoyed wonderful performances by the students at the home. It was Party Time !
There was also nice drama, group songs and dances from the Orchid team. They made sure each one of us(students and volunteers)danced to the beats.
– We just hogged(power of good food with tiredness) ,some slept soon, some spoke of ghosts, and some chit-chatted whole night about life.

Morning 2:
– Yoga at the base and fun doing it, and more fun seeing others stretch for the first time.
– Some went to work in the fields, and some from Orchid spent time drawing nice pictures.
– The regular snacks at the small shop who again fought with us for paying him money and won again.

Afternoon 2:
-There was prize distribution by the Orchid team for the awesome students.
– We had lunch with the students and thanked each other for the happiness shared. All this was arranged by Sarathy sir, who runs the NGO Udhavum Nanbargal. He has devoted his life for the students at the home. Interacting with the students and being with them made us feel, what unconditional love is. The most difficult part is parting away from that place,sometimes we want the time to just stop(not possible). But there is another option to it, Coming back !

Author Mr. Agasthian Ponnambalam


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