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Cocomilk or Themor Karaisal – An effective Bio-fertilizer

In this article we will learn how to make Cocomilk or Themor aka theymoore Karaisal.

Mix 5 litres of coconut Milk with 5 Litres of Sour butter milk and store in plastic container. Keep this in compost area (kuppa kuzhi) neck deep to maintain heat. Close the top with cloth and cover it with thorn leaves. Keep this for 7 days.

Mix 1 Litre with 10 Litres of Water. Filter and Spray while flowering season to stop the flowers from falling.

TheyMoore karaisal

Method 2:

mix butter milk+coconut mil + tender coconut water in 1:1:1 ratio and ferment this mixture in a earthen pot for a week to 10 days. stir this mixture daily both morning and evening stir the mixture in clock and anti clock wise direction . Ensure it is closed tightly , bury 3/4 of the pot in a pit which is already prepared. the pit has to be filled with organic matter like humus,compost and soil… after 7 to 10 days take 100 ml in 1 litre of water and give foliar spray for two times a week with 5 days in between and see the result.


Pic: digitaljourno


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