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Paddy Cultivation in Organic Way

This article will give you a over view on how to grow paddy by using organic manures and traditional techniques.

  • Seed treatment with Panchakavya.
  • Planting by SRI method.
  • Stocking Asola in paddy field, 15 days after planting.
  • In between 30-45 days spraying 3% panchakavya.
  • 60-70 days, 2% fish amino acid.
  • Two times of manure (vermicompost plus neem cake) and kalaithal before this stage (to introduce manure and also to control weeds)
  • Themor karaisal after at rice budding stage.
  • Vasambu powder or Pugaiyilai karaisal if any rice bugs observed.
  • Second time panchakavya spray
  • Jeevamirtha to paddy field for all possible times along with irrigation.  Else 15 days once.
  • Panchakavya, Jeevamirtha, Pugaiyilaikaraisal are the main formulations I am using for all crops and experiencing good results. Now slowly trying to scale-up.

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One comment on “Paddy Cultivation in Organic Way

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