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Nature Is Life’s Greatest Teacher – Namman (Kodaikanal) Farm Visit Experience

It is a disease of our age. In an age crammed with TV, computers, and electronic gadgets, we are isolated from the simple pleasures of exploring nature. Our lifestyle and our busy schedule left us with no time to spend with nature. And even if we wish, there are almost no green spaces left for us to enjoy.. Children today are thus robbed of a very essential part of childhood: of connecting on a one-to-one basis with nature. Whenever we think of Kodaikanal taking off from our routine and vacation comes into our mind when we saw a TWA event scheduled in Kodaikanal, it was like combo farming and then vacation.

Namman Farm Kodaikanal

We all visited a farm namely “Namman” situated in Perumal malai a few kilometres before Kodaikanal. The place was surrounded by lush green trees amidst mountains. It was a new experience for all us as we have seen much farming done in plains and we were having no clue how cultivation is done in hill side. We were entrusted with planting of carrot seeds. The bed was already formed; we made the bed uniform and then started sowing seeds.

Namman Farm Kodaikanal 2

Although we did little farm work we learnt a lot from nature. We were quietly observing the working of nature and we were astounded by its beauty. We were trying hard identifying trees, flowers and birds of that region. We few people were exploring the nature started trekking in the mountain. It’s a cool experience to visit places that are wild & unknown to most humans. Your senses have far more potential than you presently use. We took some time to sit outside in nature, close your eyes and listen as far we can. It’s incredible how much more we notice when we take the time to slow down..Although it was raining we were able to find a deeper comfort that comes from inside, you won’t be able to feel it in home even when isolated.
Namman Farm Kodaikanal 3
Learning to experience the gift of life through our senses in nature helps us to feel thankful for all the amazing things that we have in our world. Take some time to appreciate life. It was raining heavily, storms may come and trees may fall but when the wind dies down, the clouds will always clear & the sun will always return. The same is true for everything in life. Nature is a great teacher when you take the time to get out there and pay attention. There’s something for everybody big and small.

If you want to learn more & find your own unique ways connect with nature.



Aswin C


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