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Chinnairumbedu Farm Experience 2 – Oct 17th and 18th

Thanks Aswin for sharing your experience.

How many of us feel great and energized now volunteering in TWA event??

Perhaps this was the first time I am attending a TWA event, Initially, I was apprehensive and curious how the event would be. We reached Chengalpattu on Saturday (17 October), and met Sunny and a group of TWA volunteers who were assembled in front of a hotel. I was really excited to meet them and we started the journey towards the farm. We started introducing each other. It was nice to know that many of the volunteers were working for some big MNCs in the city and it is first time for most of us.

Sunny briefed us about his journey from  being a volunteer two and half years back, to his present  venture, where he and his friends have joined hands to get on some real action by  leasing land and cultivating using natural means. Their maiden attempt was to cultivate rice, and their effort gave fruits after 2 months and they have succeeded!! His practical experimentation with farming motivated us better than a preaching session on farming.  It was a knowledge rich evening indeed.

Next morning, we were all set to get our hands dirty. The activity was to sow the rice grains. We were informed that the grains we were sowing was called ‘Mapillai Samba’ and it  will take 6 months to harvest. We got in to the already ploughed land that was filled with water. We were entrusted with the responsibility of making the soil surface uniform.  We used our feet and a stick to accomplish this.. The next task was to sow the seeds. It was nice to see equipment which had a roller. The rice grains were filled in the roller and we rolled it across the field so as to sow the seeds.  It was a wonderful team activity wherein we all joined hands to roll the instrument.  It took us nearly 2 hours to complete the task.

It was laborious and tiresome. We could  understand the pain and labor undertaken by farmers to bring the food to our plate.  But, the sense of satisfaction, overpowered the body tiredness and I could see that face of every volunteer.

We wondered how the so called modernity has taken our pleasure of living and , the only solution is getting back to our roots by volunteering whenever there is time.

In the beginning it was very painful as our body was not cooperating to this kind of work, later we were determined that we would be get used to this kind of activity soon by regularly participating in such activities and learn a lot more on farming. Not to forgot the  kezhvargu(ragi) and rice koozh which tasted heavenly,  far better that our daily Cereals.

I would like to thank Satish for organizing and coordinating this event; Sunny and his team especially Deva, and the farmers who were very patient and down to the earth tolerating us and clarifying all our doubts. It was like a family and we look forward to volunteer in the future. I would like to thank Harish also for creating this wonderful platform and we assure that we would all join hands and take it to next level of providing safe and healthy food to everyone.


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