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TWA – Daan Utsav Farm Visit – Oct 3, 2015

TWA joined Daan Utsav (Joy of giving) and helped farmers in plucking jasmine flowers. TWA team takes this as an opportunity to thanks Daan Utsav for arranging volunteers and helping us to complete a successful event.

Journey walk through: 

It was a raining and we reached Pakkam village to help a farmer by providing free labor in plucking jasmine flowers. By doing this we were able to save his labor cost for a day. We were invited by aroma of fresh jasmine and mother nature was kind enough to provide us cool and pleasant climate. After the jasmine farm work we were taken Okra (ladies finger) farm and the farmer was kind enough to teach us the techniques and difficulties involved in growing a Okra.

IMG_20151003_094058489_HDR IMG_20151003_094103998_HDR IMG_20151003_101230442_HDR


In the mean time, we were fed with delicious breakfast to re-charge our energy and which helped us in kept going. We were manage to complete the work in 3 hours and the jasmine was packed and kept ready for its journey to the market.



IMG_20151003_103542027_HDRLearning Season:

After working in the farm, we visited Nalla  Keerai Jagan (a successful organic farmer and helping people in farming entrepreneurship). We visited his farm, where we happen to see 45 types of Greens followed which we had good session on importance of organic farming and future of farming entrepreneurship.




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