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Importance of Tree Said in Matsya-purāṇa

A pond equals ten wells, a reservoir equals ten ponds.
A son equals ten reservoirs, and a tree equals ten sons!
दशकूपसमा वापी दशवापीसमो ह्रदः ।
दशह्रदसमः पुत्रो दशपुत्रसमो द्रुमः ॥
dasha-kūpa-samā vāpī, dasha-vāpī-samo hradaḥ |
dasha-hrada-samaḥ putro, dasha-putra-samo drumaḥ ||
Matsya-purāṇa 154:512
These lines are found in Matsya-purāṇa and many other vedic books. TWA team request people to plant more trees and save water.
one pond equals ten wells
This board is found in Vazhachal, Athirappilly Panchayath of Thrissur district in Kerala and the board says it all:
one pond equals ten wells
one lake equals ten ponds
one son equals ten lakes
one tree equals ten sons
To know more about Matsya-purāṇa
Save a tree, save ten families
dasha = ten
kūpa= water-well
samā = like (fem.)
vāpī = a pond or a man made water catchment of a pond size
samo = samaḥ = like (masc.)
hradaḥ = large water body
putro = putraḥ = son, child.
drumaḥ = tree

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