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How to Prepare Agniastra – Organic Pest-Control Techniques

The following ingredients will get you 2 liters of Agniastra  solution.

Ingredients Agniastra :

Tobacco – 50 gm
Green chillies – 50 gm
Garlic – 50 gm
Neem leaf – 500 gm
Cow urine – 1500 ml

How to Prepare Agniastra


Grind all the ingredients into fine paste and mix with cow urine. Boil this for four times. Leave it for 48 hrs, filter it and mix some water and sprinkle over the plants. You can save and use for 3 months.

Spray this medicine Agniastra on the pest like Leaf Roller, Stem Borer, Fruit borer, Pod borer.


Image Credit:palekarzerobudgetspiritualfarming.org

To prepare huge volume, please follow the link below


Happy Growing


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