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Organic Manure – Amirtha Karaisal

Early in India, our Farmers used only organic manure for growing health and safety food.

Amirtha karaisal is one such manure which is always refereed to as organic starting solution. Lets look on how to prepare the Amirtha karaisal


Cow dung
Cow urine
Country Sugar (jaggery)


Take 1 KG of cow dung and 1 liter of cow urine and mix them in 10 liter of water. Add a handfull of country sugar (jaggery) and stir the mix until the sugar get dissolved. Preserve the mix for 24 and Spray in 10:1 ratio mix (10 liter of water is mixed in 1 liter of solution)

Other Information:

The ideal time for spraying the karaisal is between 3 p.m and 7 p.m. In the absence of any sprayer. Farmers can mix this solution along with the irrigating water. For an acre, about 200 litres of karaisal is sufficient. It can be sprayed once or twice a month. The karaisal mixed with irrigating water acts as a tonic for the soil and makes it rich in nutrients. Earthworms which live deep under the soil surface, come to the top to feed on this solution.


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