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Grow Big Radish in Containers – Easy Steps, Procedure, and Tips

This post was originally found in INTIPANTA – Organic Kitchen/Terrace Gardening Facebook group posted by Mr. Hariram Pagadala Sreenath.

In this post you can learn to grow really big Radish using only organic manure.

Growing this is not only easy and simple but it reaches your kitchen really quick as well.

Many of us have a love-hate relationship with this beautiful vegetable for its flavor, color other benefits. Personally, this is one of my favorite veggies for a simple reason. Everything is this vegetable is edible. I feast on the leaves and love to retain that flavors in my mind for a long time.

Whether you love them or hate, you must try growing them once. I am sure you will remember the fun for a long time. More importantly this grows really quick. Grow this as a project and let your children experience and watch how a vegetable is grown. This is one of the very first vegetables that I have grown when I started my gardening few years back. Each experiment that I did with my children in growing veggies made them believe that the vegetables come from soil and plants – not from the refrigerator .

Soil mix: Vermicompost+Cocopeat+Manure (2:1:1). Manure is not mandatory. Make sure the soil is really fine, soft and loose without any lumps/stones.

Growing period – Seed to Harvest: 30-40 days

Easily Grow Big Radish in ContainersGrowing tips:

  1. Never transplant. Sow them direct for a good sized, straight and healthy radish
  2. I used cut bottles for germination and moisture retention. Sowed the seeds and covered them with cut bottles to give greenhouse effect. This technique works well for germination of other seeds as well.Easily Grow Big Radish in Containers placingEasily Grow Big Radish in Containers Cut Bottles
  3. Sow 3-4 seeds per slot with 6+ inches spacing. After they germinate wait for the true leaves to form and thin them to one per slot. While thinning, use the scissor to cut rather than pulling them out. This way you can avoid disturbing the roots system of the main plant.Easily Grow Big Radish in Containers intial Growth
  4. Support them with additional soil around if they are start falling apart. Despite all your effort you might still end up with an odd shaped radish. Does it really matter?Easily Grow Big Radish in Containers  After Few Days
  5. Aphids and other crawling pests might cause major damage to Radishes during the growing period. Neem Oil should help to prevent them from causing damage.
  6. Gently remove the older leaves so that the plant is encouraged to develop the top foilage and root growth. This also helps better air circulation if your plants are too close.
  7. Water them as per their growing needs and ensure to keep the soil moisture with a consistent level. Overwatering might cause root split. Under watering might result in putting the plant to shock and send it to bolt prematurely.
  8. Wait for 40-50 days for a good sized radish. If you are in hurry, you can start eating them from 30th day itself
  9. While harvesting, remove the soil around (3-4) inches and then pull the radish out to avoid them from breaking. Does it really matter?
  10. Cook them immediately (less than 15 mins from harvest) to experience how a real fresh radish tastes. Trust me, you will never forget that experience and may stop buying Radish from the market.

Easily Grow Big Radish in Containers  GreensEasily Grow Big Radish in Containers Growth

Easily Grow Big Radish in Containers Big Radish

Keep growing and Stay organic


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