How to Grow Mint in Containers

This blog post will be teach you all how to grow mint in containers. This post was originally shared by Sudhakar Krishnamoorthy and TWA team thanking him for such a useful post.

How to grow Mint in Containers

Its easy, its rewarding and its economical! Growing mint was one of the best decisions i made as a beginner gardener!
Growing mint is phenomenally easy.. But it is just as easy to completely screw up.. I just want other beginners who are as clueless as I was while starting out, to easily get the ideas and techniques which i came across with time, research and experimentation.. and to avoid the pitfalls and disappointments
Some soil mix, a container or ground and of course the mint plant itself.. other than these basics – a few hours of direct sunshine is essential for good growth..
A rich, well-aerated, well-drained soil is great, but any soil would do.. My personal recommendation is 2:2:1 red soil + vermicompost / home made compost + cocopeat
Mint is an invasive herb, which will fill out ANY pot you give it, be it a small cup 3 inches tall or a huge grow bag.. So whatever you can spare is good enough.. the pot you see on this picture is a 5 inch tall plastic pot.. Ideal containers will have more diameter than height.. trays and horizontal plastic bottles are the best
You can grow from a cutting, transplant from a friend’s garden or a runner.. In this section, I will show how you can grow from a cutting taken from market-bought mint bunch
Panchgavya or vermicompost once in 15 days.. Just water to keep the soil moist on other days.. Mint doesn’t have many pests and in fact, it is pest-repellant and helpful for other plants in your garden.. Rats, squirrels, pigeons, slugs and other common destroyers don’t even touch mint! Monkeys could be a problem though..
If you are growing on ground, be careful – mint spreads like a weed and can take over the plots alloted for other plants.. contain the area by inserting cardboard sheets into the ground vertically and creating a virtual pot in the ground

Procedure:How to Grow Mint Step 1

Step 1:

Take a fresh, sturdy branch from market bought mint.. it should have its growing tip intact and at least 2 sets of leaves.. You can remove the rest of the leaves

Step 2:

Immerse it in a bowl of water such that only the leaves are sticking out and the stem is immersed..
Keep this in a partially shaded place.. In a couple of days, you will see roots budding. Change the water every 4-5 days.. Refill if water evaporates and exposes too much of the stem

Step 3:

Take care while planting, because the roots will be tender. Gently place it How to Grow Mint Step 2inside a container with 1.5-2 inches of soil, in a standing position.. While holding it with one hand so that it stays standing, gently fill soil around the plant with your other hand.. Bury it in soil this way, till the whole stem and roots are buried with only the leaves sticking out..
Keep this set up in a semi-shade for 3-4 days giving time for the roots to take hold and branch out.. dont let the soil dry out for any reason at this stage, as it will kill the tender roots. Once the plant looks healthy and steady, you can move it to a sunny spot!

How to Grow Mint Step 3


You can see the roots budding from the nodes where leaves were removed.. This is why it is very important to leave the whole stem immersed.

How to Grow Mint Day 4


You can now leave the plant in the water for a couple of more days for even better root growth, or you can plant it now! I chose to plant this little cutting

How to Grow Mint After 6 Days

Happy Growing 🙂


3 comments on “How to Grow Mint in Containers

  1. wonderful explanation about mint plantation… like this we do Vendayam keerai, this will also give good result in a short period.

  2. excellent !
    eat one stalk of mint a day

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