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ஒருங்கிணைந்த பண்ணையம் – Low-cost unit for manure production

800 ரூபாய் செலவில் நமது நிலத்திற்கு தேவையான இயற்கை உரத்தை தயாரிக்கும் இயந்திரம் பற்றிய காணொளி
Low-cost unit for manure production


A 200 litre plastic barrel and three plastic gate valves are the requirements. Two quarter inch plastic gate valves are fixed one about a quarter inch below the top of the barrel and the second a quarter inch above the bottom. The third one inch valve is fixed behind the barrel at the bottom.

Fresh desi cow dung and urine should be mixed well with 10 parts of water in the barrel and allowed to ferment for a day.

Add one kg of jaggery for the next day along with decomposed fruits, vegetables or practically any vegetative matter available in the farm.

Close the mouth

Close the mouth of the barrel using a thin piece of cloth to prevent mosquitoes or other insects from laying their eggs.

“Only indigenous cow dung and urine must be used because the microbial activity in local cow waste is more than in other cross bred animals,” says Mr. Alagesan.

Leave the solution undisturbed for a week. After a week farmers can use this solution by opening the valve at the top and allowing fermented liquid to flow freely along with irrigating water or through drip irrigation.

Once in 10 days

Once in ten days water must be added to increase the solution level in the barrel and can be used. Every 20-25 days the barrel must be cleaned and the sediments allowed to wash out by opening the valve at the back.

For personal visits and more details readers can contact Mr. A .Alagesan, Manager of URC – Thulasiammal Farm, Mylady near Chennimalai, email: alagesan.ponnusamy@urc.in, Mobile: 09842135117.


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