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Fenugreek(Vendhayam) – A Spark for Budding Farmers

With the Tamil Nadu Horticulture Department giving away the DIY kit, there are many people who are coming forward and showing interest in gardening. This is very good news, as many of them want to grow vegetables and greens on their own and in their own little places. For all those who have this kit, the TWA team congratulates and thanks them for supporting this really great initiative.

Many people like me, who have the kit and absolutely no experience whatsoever in growing plants; my suggestion would be to start with growing Fenugreek. These are easy to maintain and grows relatively faster when compared to other greens and vegetables that may be a little daunting for novices.  If you are successful in your first attempt (which I am sure you will be!), you can try growing the other greens and vegetables too. Growing Fenugreek does a lot to boost your confidence, so when you have succeeded the first time, you would want to do even better the next time (Simple human psychology). That’s why I would like to call Fenugreek as the Spark.


This article will give you brief information on how to grow Fenugreek and also extract Fenugreek seeds from the plant.

Fenugreek, also known as methi (मेथी)menthiyam, and venthayam (வெந்தயம்), is used as a herb, spice, and is used extensively in cooking.

Growing Fenugreek is very easy. The seeds sprout in just 4 to 5 days of planting. Your first harvest can easily be done on the third or fourth week of planting.

Extracting the Seed:

If you wish to extract the seed again from the plant, you must allow the pods to ripen and turn yellow on the plant. After which you should harvest shortly before the pods pop open.

The video below shows how to do that



Happy Gardening 🙂


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