A Surprise Meeting

These two young gentlemen (brothers) called me after reading an article about TWA [ http://facebook.com/theweekendagriculturist ] on a newspaper. The energy and interest they have for their age of 65+ is tremendous!

Their dream is to convert their agriculture land as a model farm to demonstrate modern mechanized agriculture on which they are ready to invest time money and energy. They want to make their place a sample for corporate owned farming which will also focus on creating skilled personal for agriculture who will be trained on modern farming techniques, machinery usage and self sustaining community. They have land near vilupuram and ulundhoorpet.


They expect TWA to help them by providing guidance and plan. They asked us also to put through consultants who can help them out on this…

Despite these are out of scope of TWA’s vision.. There was a thought in my mind.. There are too many people out there who don’t want to sell their land who are well to do and just need little help and guidance on restarting their farm! Would that be a vital and critical population to tap on and bring a little change into this our country! Any thoughts?

Also anyone who is willing to help them up in their vision can contact me…

Harish Srinivasan

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/hsvasan

Email: harsid21@gmail.com

Phone: 9994228821


3 comments on “A Surprise Meeting

  1. My blog provides Farm Design, Crop Selection Methodology, Natural Fence, Water Harvesting Methods (Basic), Soil Improvement, Fish Farming and few Organic Manures Preparation. This may be a starting point…

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