Tamil Nadu Horticulture Department Do It Yourself Kit – Guide, Procedures, Tips and many more

The Government of Tamil Nadu has announced the do-it-yourself kit program for the promotion of roof top vegetable garden in Chennai and Coimbatore. In this article TWA will provide brief guidelines, procedures and many other. 

How to get them:

One can get the Kit either by applying online or visiting the Horticulture Department, Tamil Nadu.

http://tnhorticulture.tn.gov.in/application-do-yourself-kit (Update : Link not working) Visit the new scheme offered by Tamil Nadu Horticulture Department.


The Kit cost you Rs.1325/- per kit and one can buy upto 5 kit using one registration.

Proof Required:

You would require a photo copy of your Ration Card / Voter ID or any other document for verifying the address and a colour passport size photo

What does the Kit Contains:

The Kit has the following components:

  • 20 Sealed Polythene grow bags ( size 24×18 inches) with 2Kg Coco peat / bag
  • Polythene spreading sheet,4×4mt (400gsm)
  • Water soluble fertilizer
  • Bio fertilizers
  • Bio pesticide
  • Bio fungicides
  • Hand sprayer (1lit)
  • Rose cane(5lit)
  • Digging fork (Small)
  • Trowel
  • Seedling trays
  • Vegetable seed kit(10 kinds)
  • DIY kit Manual booklet or Operational Manual

Do It Yourself Kit, Horticulture Department, Tamil Nadu


Step 1:

Spread the polythene spreading sheet

Step 2:

Open the sealed polythene grow bag which has coco peat in it. 

Step 3:

Pour the water till the coco peat fills the bag. Usually a coco peat will be dried and compressed so the ratio is around 8:1 compression and once you add water it expands rapidly.


While pouring the water use the “Digging Fork” to break the coco peat. Initially it will hard to dig but as you pour water you could easily dig using the fork

Step 4:

Add a hand full of vermi-compost or given manure to the grow bag and allow the coco-peat and the manure to react for 10 days. Within 10 days the bags will be ready and you can start using for growing plants.

Tip: Since the given coco-peat is not processed it needs to be decomposed. By adding manure and keeping them in sun, the coco-peat will sterilize/compost and will be ready for planting.

Step 5:

Some vegetables needs seedling trays before they are transplanted in the pot or grow bag. The details are given in the Technical booklet.


By the time the coco-peat gets decomposed you can sow the seeds in the pro trays and once you get the sprouts you are transplant them.

Expert tips:

  1. DIY kit potting mix level :

Mix Azospirillum, PhospoBacteria, Pseudomonas & Trico Derma 5gm of Each / kg of potting mix (Soil+VC+cocopeat) and leave it for 30 minutes to react.. Then use to fill in grow bag or pot

2.     It always recommended adding soil in the potting mixture. Soil gives strong foundation to the roots and helps the plant to stay strong.

Download PDF version of Operational Manual. Link

Update (Jan 2016)

Government no longer offer this kit as they are offering a new scheme for Do It Yourself . Follow the link below to know more about the new Do It Yourself Kit.


Post Update 2 (3 Jan 2017):

Heard that this kit is not available in many horticulture centres.  Due to overwhelmed response its currently out of stock. Kindly call before you go. Or you can visit any popular ecommerce website like amazon where you can buy individual items as per your need.


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284 comments on “Tamil Nadu Horticulture Department Do It Yourself Kit – Guide, Procedures, Tips and many more

  1. I am rajalakshmi from pallavaram where we get kit please help me & guide me


  3. Hi Sir,

    I am very much interested for terrace garden at my house in Salem. Spoke with nearby horticulture dept and they said kit not available. Could you help me in getting DIY kit please

    Thank you

  4. I am yaseen from porur where we get this kit

  5. kit where available at cuddalore district

  6. I need this kit.
    I’m living n chennai.
    Planned to do garden n my terrace.
    Please send the kit I ‘ll pay money.
    I’m locating n pallavaram

  7. kit where available at cuddalore district

    • Not sure, try local nursery where you can get all the material given in this kit or else you can contact Mr.Vijay(099621945426) who provides similar kind of kit for Rs.550

  8. If we fill the Application for do it urself kit will it be delivered home delivery ?

  9. Hi Sir,

    I am very much interested for terrace garden at my house in Erode .Could you help me in getting DIY kit please

    Thank you

  10. how to avoid squirrel in terrace garden – without net.

    • You start feeding the squirrel sir 🙂 Anyways there are many techniques to scare them like spraying chilly or pepper. Some will introduce cats or dogs and many more. Instead, plant many variety so that they get distracted and cover your soil with dry leaves.

    • You can try contacting Mr.Vijay(099621945426). At present I don’t have any contacts for Coimbatore. In case you find any, please share here

  11. can u give me Coimbatore address

  12. Can I get do it urself kit in cuddalore

  13. Am Vignesh from Thanjavur I need this kit how to get this

  14. above mentioned information can you upload in tamil ? pls sir

  15. This is Priya. From nagapattinam district. I am really interested in terrace gardening. Kindly guide me to get this kit. Can I get any nearby official contact number? Thank you in advance.

  16. Sir where can we buy this kit

  17. I am interesting to the trecce garden. How do make and how get DIY kid please reply. I live
    In uludurpet talk.

  18. I am very much interested for terrace garden at my house in ulundurpet. Could you help me in getting DIY kid please.

  19. i am from tuticorin how can i get it

  20. Sir , I frm karaikudi, I need this .HW can I get this kit.could u plz give me contact deatails

  21. Where tk get these products in mayiladuthurai

  22. hai sir, i am living tirunelveli. i will interest in terrest gerden but sir where i get a kit. plz sir replay for me

  23. Where we get thus product in mayiladuthurai

  24. I am interested in madithottam at my house in Madurai.can you help me DIY kit and any Madurai conduct number.

  25. Sir plz give Coimbatore address . Are tell whether it is available in horticulture Sept

  26. I am interested in terras garden but how to get do it yourself ket pls given the address

  27. Kavitha pallavaram i am sat gadan please helf government Kit.

  28. It is super put the cost of the make maddi thottam

  29. Friends
    Kits are in demand and therefore please call up the centers (mobile phones) prior to collecting. Ensure to take a large vehicle as they are volumnous ( 1 auto full).

    Contents assurance keeps changing as per the kit support from govt.

  30. 1 am interested in madithottam at my house in Madurai.can you help me DIY kit and any coimbatore conduct number.

  31. i am interested in madithottam at my house in Coimbatore .can you help me DIY kit and any Coimbatore conduct number.

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