TWA Pakkam Village Visit

Many of us want to do something to change or something that needs to be changed. But only few would initiate the change. Fortunate to find the team TWA which had began to initiate a change in the society. Special thanks to Mr. Harish Srinivasan for giving birth to this thought. Many thanks to the organisers Mr.Kannan, Mr.Tamil selvan, Mr. Saravanakumar, Mr. Yuvaraj and the whole team for making this weekend a new beginning in me(Arun Subramanian, TWA Member).

Even working hard for 5 days, even on Saturdays and Sundays, there was a void in me and feel of dissatisfaction. I was trying so many things to make me feel satisfied but it neither was organised. I couldn’t find a answer to make me feel happy but not this week. Just a physical work of 5 hours made me feel good. Felt as if I have done a very good deed. A work that had purpose. Thanks for reading till this now let me narrate what I have done that made me feel happier.

It was an article in THE HINDU “The weekend agriculturist” Platform to help Indian Agriculture by volunteering for free labour and other contribution. Group of young like minded people to join together to help poor farmers to do agriculture in profitable way. I searched for this team in FB joined as a member. Just to my surprise I could find an event for the weekend volunteer farming in Pakkam village near Thiruninravur some 40 kms from Chennai. I was all excited to join the team

It was 21.12.2012, we were planned to meet at Chennai Central Sub urban railway station at 7.00p.m. I was late by twenty mins but everyone was kind enough to wait. This was my first time moving out with strangers. Though they were all strangers all are linked through a purpose to help poor farmers. We all had a formal smile and a sense of silence as team was new. Yuvaraj our Accountant was organising, collecting the initial amount for the trip and were all ready for the trip. As in every trip we would find a last person to be blamed for coming late, even we had a person to blame for it was Mr. Kannan who took that responsibility. We reached Thiruninravur by around 8.45 had dinner and reached PAKKAM village by 9.30 pm.

We were greeted by Udhavum Nanbargal association headed by Mr. Sarathy sir. You could feel the sense of respect by seeing him; we had a discussion with this wonderful person. Agriculture back bone of India, but as our economy our back bone is also very weak. And the doctor (FARMERS) who could make the back bone stronger have been not just been ignored but also been let alone to face a pile of problems. From the discussion we could sense the problem of our farmers like lack of labours, ignorance in the new farming methodology, western influence in the society etc etc.

Now it was time for our introduction, all 17 of us started introducing ourself, we were all stranger but were linked through a purpose to help our farmers. I was worried hearing the problems of our poor farmers, but our discussion all our views brought in a ray of hope to strengthen our back bone. Rightly said by Mr. Sarathy we won’t know when could we solve all the problems of farmers but for sure one day we could find that our Farmers would be given their respect, would be honoured for feeding the world. I as like our team members was happy that we were one among the initiative for making that day possible in future. With this feel we finished our discussion around 11.00 pm. After a small walk everyone went to sleep, few of us Mr. Tamil selvan, Mr. Saravana kumar, Mr. Arun Guna, Mr. Yuvaraj and Mr. Harish were standing outside under moon light started talking to my disbelief our discussion went till 2.30pm we touched various topics Nationalism, Tamil Eelam, Communism, Kalpakkam atomic power station, politics. Due to the time constraint we forced ourselves to go to bed.

Our morning started at 6.00 am with nature walk, it was golden shades all around, mist covering the paddy field beauty all around add to this we had brushing with neem tree stem. Stay close to nature always gives you the warmth of mom’s love. I loved walking around with all my new friends enjoyed the walk. WE were all ready for the work by 8.00 am, our task was to plant Guava tree in 2 acre of land. This farm was owned by Mr. Prakasam, due to above said reasons for agriculture our poor farmer had given his land for Brick manufactures who had taken the all fertile social for making bricks. Later he had decided to plant guava tree in his land. He had bought the saplings 20 days before but as usual lack of labours made it difficult for him to plant the sapling. With the guidance from Sarathy sir and Ms Narmada (Horticulture specialist) we started planting the Guava Sappling our team finished planting two acres of land around 2.00 pm thanks for delicious breakfast and lunch provided by Sarathy sir at the farm. Will full satisfaction heart was filled with joy to celebrate this we had a wonderful bath in well along with nature again. Thus completing our work for the day.

We had the discussion about work, everyone was satisfied we could see the joy in face of Mr. Prakasam this made us feel proud. Given the hope that he was now sure of farming his land. With intent to come to this place again and continue our work again we concluded our trip and returned to our place.

Friends thanks for this wonderful event, as said by one of my friend we have spent only one day but felt as if leaving a friend whom we knew for years thanks for this love guys. Waiting for the next trip, as we all know this is not just one day event it is a continuous process, meet you all soon.

TWA Pakkam Visit

Our team
Mr. Harish (Initiator of the Group ”TWA”)
Organiser for the event
Mr. Tamil Selvan(Organizer), Mr. Kannan, Mr. saravannan, Mr. yuvaraj(Accountant)
Mr. Arun Guna(Photographer), Mr. Vignesh, Mr. Sunny Arockiyaraj, Mr. Sudhanshu Agarwal, Ms. Nambie Jessica Marak, Ms. Aishwarya, Mr. Arun, Mr. kannan, Mr. Shriram kumar, Mr. Elumalai Arumugam Dhanasekaran, Mr. Arun Subramanian
Special thanks to Mrs. Surya Narmada Inbavijayan (Horticulture Advisor), Mr. Inbavijayan, Mr. Pranav Surya Narmada Inbavijayan


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  1. Can I have Contact details of the organizers of this group ? Pl mail / sms 9840116483

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