Roof Gardening

The members of The Weekend Agriculturist Group have one vision or goal: Platform to help Indian Agriculture by volunteering for free labour and other contribution. Yes you will do the field work. For me, this vision seemed to take long time to happen as it required a lot of social skills and yes, manual effort also. I wanted to do some kind of gardening, which will act as the base for farming. So I decided to do roof gardening, so that I can get the happiness of harvesting like a farmer. I thought I could also grow my own food and feel the taste difference and the self-satisfaction.


While searching about this, I am fortunate to meet Mr. Prakash from Skorganicfarms. He gave me all the necessary good like HTG grow bags, coco peat blocks, vermicompost, Panchakavya and some seeds for roof gardening.

I set up my roof garden as suggested and sowed seeds. I was told that greens will grow in 21 days, but for me it took almost double the time. After waiting for long time, I was so happy to see my first roof gardening output.

Even though the yield was not a great one like a farmer who does in acres of land, the happiness I was able to get was priceless. I take this as an opportunity to ask others to perform some kind of farming techniques and try to cultivate their own food at least once.

I am sure after that many will stop wasting their food as they will come to know the pain and effort that goes into cultivating a hand full of food. If we teach this particular lesson for all the kids, I am sure they won’t waste their food and will start to give respect for their food.


Farming not only a technique to grow plants or make food, it also teaches one to be compassionate to all living beings. I think we (theweekendagriculturist) must also teach this great bi product of farming to all and make others to feel that farming is not just growing plants, but living with compassion for all.


3 comments on “Roof Gardening

  1. well i am trying to in my own way rood gardening by trying greens with not much success wondering what is the problem need some help

  2. I came across your details in one of the newspapers. I came to know you do voluntary work as well as spread the good information from one farmer to the other.

    I have created a blog (http://agricultureforeverybody.blogspot.com) myself even though I am not a farmer. Will be happy to have you in my farm once I start the same.

  3. Hi, we are started doing roof gardening some 3 months back. It worked well for greens such as tomatoes and brinjal. WE are ready to help you out. Just feel free to call/mail the details. 8870909193 / 9940157686

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