What a weekend!!!

It’s truly said nothing happens without god’s will. It was God’s will that I should have a memorable weekend after a hectic week schedule. Yes!! I had an awesome weekend, just like I had always thought of. Suddenly one of my friends from The Weekend Agriculture group pinged me and asked me whether I would be joining for the farm visit and I said yes!! Sometimes spontaneous decisions pay you well. It was so spontaneous response even after knowing that Saturday is a working day for me, I had one of the memorable weekend.

Next evening we all landed up at Nallakeerai village. How we reached there, that is a different story in itself. Bus, train, subway train, share auto and yes of course our very own 11 number busJ.

After reaching we saw a farm house. Some of my friends were imagining that we will be staying in kaccha house but it was a brick building. We freshen up and we sat along with active agriculturist Mr. Jagan. He was Business Developer and had an experience of 8 years. He dropped his B. Com final year as he found his life is not meant for this. He also shared that he owns a school providing education for students from nursery to class 12th free of cost. These students are students of farmers not only this, many of them have stood among top 20 in major examinations of the country like Olympiad, IIT JEE, etc. After his introduction he discussed about organic farming and what difficulties farmers are facing in shifting to new way of agriculture-Organic Farming. He also shared how the chemicals used in farming are affecting us through various facts and figures.

After having a fruitful and educative discussion, we all dispersed for nights rest. It was a first time experience for some of us with respect to sleeping under the open sky and on the floor with no bedding, cooler and blanket, but still it was cool weather with mesmerizing breeze flowing and off course pollution-free. We got up early in the morning at 5AM to get ready for our planned work in the farms. After completing our daily activities we went to the farms of Mr. Jagan where organic farming is done. While crossing through the farm, we saw many fields with different vegetations. Our first activity was taking the cows from the shelter to the farms so that they can graze the left over and the cow dung could be used for the manure.

After that we were involved in removing the bedding from one farm. Removing the bedding is done only after cutting the crop. Once the crop is cut the entire farm is left for animals to graze and the beddings are removed so that we can place the same bedding in other piece of land. This way we can utilise the other land while maintaining the farm and keeping the land more fertile. We created bed in other piece of land. This process made us realise farming require hard work, passion to serve people. We were 8 friends who took 4-5 hours to do the bedding in the farm in comparison to a farmer who does the same thing in 2 hours. Such a level of effort is required for bedding. Hats off to our Indian Farmers! After completing the bedding we went to farm house back to prepare the lunch for everyone. It was a proud feeling when we prepared food with fewer resources and vegetables bought from the farm. Our hunger was motivating to cook food and the food turned out be so delicious. Our team especially Nandini, Prachi and Shivankar managed to prepare delicious dal, rice, and aalo subzi, with salad. Everyone was hungry and the food was really delicious. After lunch the team waited for kids to come. There was a session with kids also organised. Before saying adieu to Mr. Jagan, we took the last round to the farms and requested for some green vegetables to take as memorabilia.

Preeti Gupta,



2 comments on “What a weekend!!!

  1. Hi,

    Its a great deed you guys have been doing. Is there anyhow I could join as well ?
    Please do let me know.


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