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Tailorbird and its spectacular Woven Nest

Last week, the TWA team visited the Farm at “Thirkalungkundram” -a famous place near Chengalpattu. We travelled to Chengalpattu by train and had our breakfast there. Then we got into a bus and a share auto, followed by a car drive to reach the Farm. Actually the car drive was a surprise ride for us because we were not expecting Mr. Samy to bring his car to take us to the Farm. Actually, it was pretty close, but still he brought his car to pick us up.


Like the previous farm visits, we learned many things from Mr. Samy about Panjakavya, Amirdha karaisal, jeevaamirtham and many other organic fertilizers and pest controllers. But this post will not talk about any of these. This post is all about Tailorbird nests. Yes, we saw a beautiful nest, which was built so beautifully. To be more precise, it was weaved.

We say humans are capable of building skyscrapers, spectacular buildings, luxury living houses, world wonders and many more. Even I feel so proud that human are the best in living beings as only we have SIX senses.

After seeing this spectacular Woven Nest, I asked a lot of questions to myself about how these birds or any other living creature builds a nest or home. We humans who have six senses use man power, machines, tools made of various materials, computers and many more to build, but how do these birds do that?

Then I searched the internet to find the answer, and I was surprised these birds don’t use any tools, they use their beak, leg or in some cases they use some special gifted power. The procedure of how a tailorbird builds a nest is given below:

images“The tailor bird of India has a beak like a sewing needle. As thread, it uses silk from cobwebs, cotton from seeds, and fibers of tree bark. This bird selects two or more large green leaves growing close together at the end of a branch and pulls them together. It then punches holes along the edges of each leaf, and pulls the spider silk or plant fiber through the holes to sew the leaves together, finally tying knots in each stitch to keep it from slipping. It does the same on the other side, stitching the leaves together, taking approximately six stitches to curve a leaf around. Eventually the bird fills this resulting purse with grass. Finally, it weaves another nest into the purse, where the female will lay her eggs. This process is repeated several times until the leaf or leaves form a pouch. The bird lines the nest with plant material.”

When such small birds can build such a beautiful house, in what way humans are so special? What is the sixth sense, which other living beings don’t have?

Can someone explain this to me this in the comment section?


Swiftlets Nest – “White House”

Some Additional Information:

While learning about tailorbird, I also came across other interesting spices. Like spiders, there are special kinds of birds called “Swiftlets”, which are capable of building their own “White House” using their solidified saliva. These nests are also served as delicious soup, which is called “Edible bird’s nest or bird’s nest soup”. Swiftlet Farming has become one of the hottest businesses as this soup is considered as one of the world rarest foods.



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