My pen, with the aroma of Nallakeerai farms

News channels had been reminding me that the food we eat is a synonym of poison! Even as a child I had studied that India is lacking behind in agriculture! But, I had never taken up the pain to look deeply into actuality, probably all others in the group had same mind set. I am not a social activist, I had an outing proposal in our hand and I simply took it.


It was just decided that we were about to spend a day in a small village and work for the Nallakeerai farms. I even wasn’t aware of the meaning that this name stores in, I simply said a big “yes” like all others, because going out is obviously fun. I was unaware of the good things that I was about to produce. Though there were many thoughts going around related to my duties towards our country and similar things, but directing them in a single strand was a tougher job. But as we all know that good things come in a surprise package.

We had started from Chennai heading towards the Nallakeerai farms, with some small carry bags and a set of shorts folded in. After a journey of about an hour, I breathed in something that I did years back. It was the freshest air. I could play a safe bet here; all of my teammates had the same aroma of freshness. Though we had been encoding and decoding to run the software, and then the journey of couple of hours had blended up to make it a tiring day, but it certainly wasn’t. We were volunteers here, and not the “guest”. In short we were here to learn like a student and we had no obligations to show our professionalism, there, a learned man was ready to give us a small induction of about an hour. And emphasizing on my mental behaviour, I was totally indulged in the fresh ambience to learn even, if the induction had took off for the night. So the owner Mr Jagan started off with a small introduction session. I had always heard about the organic vegetables, but never knew exactly about it. But after hearing to Jagan I had a clear image and correct perception.


The session had bought three different feelings in my mind, rather in everyone’s mind- first sense said that I should try doing big things for my country, because Jagan had mentioned that with use of these Organic vegetables we can eliminate a higher portion of cancer patients. Second numbness was for the common feeling, what can I do with just two hands? But Jagan had even said that our small help to grow organic vegetables may motivate the farmers in this field and with our two hands we can save the amount they would pay for their labour. This is where the Social Service factor came. And thirdly, but the most important feeling was the sensitivity of Good Cause. Probably this was the first time I had forwarded my hands intentionally in a social cause, as the casual ones are never planned.

So with the words playing hide and seek in my mind, I took a nap, but even before the Sun was ready to shine, we all were ready with our tools to make a farm bed. First few throws came up with great pressure, but eventually when sun started to pour its ray in Nallakeerai farms, few sweat drops also came in, some irritation was also there, but then the spice of fun was on its track. At that particular moment I got an awakening call, somebody in me said that Nallakeerai farms, that literally means high quality Spinach, isn’t the child’s play. What we get to eat is actually the hard work of these farmers. So making a deal won’t be bad. If I wish to intake good, spending few hours of farming isn’t a big pay.


Big thanks to The Weekend Agriculturist to push me with a kick-start and a higher credit to Harish who had not only took us for this event, but had even knocked our inner purity to raise for this good and necessary cause. I did learn that, simply bossing on the weekends isn’t the only formulae to relax, it is really necessary to satisfy the inner humanity so as to work with a positive thinking.

And the feeling hasn’t grown lethargic; I am still in the crew for farming.

– Shivankar Singh



2 comments on “My pen, with the aroma of Nallakeerai farms

  1. Hi Shivankar Singh, I am delighted see this visit of yours with TWA volunteers have brought in a change. TWA objective is to create awareness among the city dwellers on the importance of Agriculture and also train them to be a future farmers.

    Thanks for your excellent writing.

  2. […] My pen, with the aroma of Nallakeerai farms (theweekendagriculturist.wordpress.com) […]

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